Results not accurate

I have been noticing lately that group ride placings have not been accurate. the results place me way back of actual and wondering if this is an ongoing issue??

Group rides have random placings.


Hi guys,

3R Gotham Grind Flat Race - 3 Laps (27.8km/17.4mi 87m).Today 22:05 / Europe.

Before the finish line, everyone disappeared. Always frustrating coz i think i would have win. Anyway could the result still appear ?
I am not at all in the classification. I don’t know why.

Thank you!

Zwiftpower is showing you as a non-finisher (it stopped receiving your data before the end of the race). Whilst the event currently hasnt processed all the data, I cant see you re-appearing on the finishers list based on what you described. But check back once all results are processed (blue lightning bolts on most of riders, not green).