Zwift Profile Page Different Power vs. Zwiftpower

My Zwift Profile Page has higher (correct) power numbers for 1-min, 5-min and 20-min than what is shown on the Zwiftpower Profile. I thought the latter was supposed to pull from the former under the new system?

ZwiftPower doesn’t automatically update to reflect every change on your profile. I wish it did. It will update eventually as you do more events, but you can trigger the update by clicking Refresh Profile on ZwiftPower. This means you can’t assume when you’re looking at a rider’s profile that their category or zFTP are up to date.

ZwiftPower only shows data from events you took part in. Zwift profile shows data from ALL activities, events or not.

That must be it, David. Some of the data points not showing on Zwiftpower are from FTP tests I did on Zwift. Seems like it should just pull all the data from Zwift otherwise there will be inconsistencies. Thanks!

Eddie, that’s historical back to when ZwiftPower was a separate entity - they didn’t get data for any other rides (I’m not sure it’s there now) and the ZwiftPower category used to only be based on 20min power in races…

Understand, Craig. Since they aren’t separate now, they should be in sync for a consistent user experience. As they are taking the race category from Zwift, they should simply take all the power curve points as well.

It does pull the zFTP value from your profile (eventually) but not the other values. They’ve said they’re abandoning ZwiftPower so I’m doubtful there will be significant improvements like this.