Zwiftpower questions - best power values

Hi !

I’m looking for some answers regarding Zwift power profile data.

Does anyone knows how long the “best” power values stay on the profile of each riders ? Is it a 90days rolling window ? more ?

Many thanks

yeah, 90 days rolling. you can manually look through their completed events list to see their historic PRs if they have older ones

It’s a rolling 90 day window.

but zFTP is rolling 60days?

zFTP (shown on the ZwiftPower page) is based on ALL activities within the last 60 days.

ZP ‘best power values’ (the bars on profile) is based on ONLY event activities within the last 90 days.

… that is my understanding anyway :+1:

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Yep, what Jon said.

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There are 3 separate profile pages – not sure which one you’re referring to:

The Zwiftpower profile page is found on it’s own zwiftpower URL. The best power values shown there stay for 90 days. But seeing as you put “best” in quotes you might already know that these only represent efforts from events – not all activities. These values also now have maybe nothing to do with your assigned category.

The other profile page is found on the main zwift webpage in your own /feed profile. These power values are indeed your best values, but only in the last 60 days, and are what’s used to determine your category.

The third profile pages is found within the Menu actually in the game itself when you pause, and these power values are actually labelled “your best”. These are from all-time. Note you can see these as well if you choose the ‘graph’ option on the /feed (2nd option above).

Hope that makes sense.