90 day window in zwiftpower

When exactly does one’s zwiftpower best 3 races average power get updated? For instance, when would an event on March 21st 19:30 GMT fall out of the 90 day window? Does clicking Refresh Profile initiate it, or is it run by a batch process, or only after new events?

I usually check the day after if I am waiting (I think its batch driven).

FYI your oldest top 3 event keeping you in B isn’t due to reset until 90 days from 25 May (when you posted a 95% effort of 3.45wkg).

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Thanks! I’m a solid B now, I think. It’s for a teammate to join the Dirt Racing Series.

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Aha, makes sense now :wink:

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The event on that date should have dropped off yesterday

Actually I made a mistake, the event was on the 22nd of March…but it’s still there. His average power needs to be below 3.60 to qualify for the team. Also I’d really like to register him tomorrow morning.

His ID is : 2837244

Should drop off by tomorrow when the systems update

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