Zwift Power shows wrong gender


today I completed my first event (Tour de Zwift), when looking at the results in, next to my name there is a Female sign even though in my Zwift and Strava profile the gender is correct  (Male).

Also Strava Notifications sent to my friends when the Zwift event was completed use the word “her” instead of “him”. The sentace on Strava was "Give her Kudos!" 

Please advise how to fix this




Oddly enough I’m getting the same. Not sure it’s actually a zwift issue as opposed to zwiftpower. Either way I’m getting some stick off the lads about it.

Me 2 :slight_smile:


When checking the results on I noticed there are many people with male names that have a female sign next to them. The other issue I spotted was that my flag was not displayed (not sure if Zwift Power gets the profile from Strava or Zwift or both or somehow else).

I want to believe the issue was because I was not connected between Zwift and Zwift Power, I now have completed the connection and hope in the next event the gender will be correct. But as you say, I am not sure if this issue is triggered by Zwift Power or Zwift and where to report it or who should fix it if both sites are managed under the same company

Same problem here.

zwiftpower shows me the wrong gender and no flag.

I renewed the connection between Zwift and zwiftpower and changed the gender two times at Zwift, but this didn´t solve the problem.

My issue was resolved in the next event, all correct now (gender and flag). I spoke with the guys running the Zwiftpower site and they told me they had an issue where the site was not retrieving the profile, this was fixed now I am told.