Female riders displaying as male

I know Zwift is aware of this issue, but is there an ETA on when it will be fixed? I like seeing other female riders out on the course, giving them ride ons, but lately virtually every one is displaying as male. It’s annoying! And a little disconcerting when a friend tells me I’m showing as male, too!

We hear you! :slight_smile: This should be fixed in our next update, so stay tuned.

It was not fixed. in the last update as promised.

I’m sorry this wasn’t fixed in the last update :(

For the record, we tried to fix it…it just didn’t quite work (as is sometimes the case in software development). The good news is that we’re getting close to the actual fix: we’ve found that this is actually a case of all riders appearing as the default male model, regardless of whether you’re set as male or female.

As this complicates things, I don’t have a timeline on when the fix is going to roll out, but we’re still working on it. Thanks for your patience as we get this sorted!

Please make it a priority…the women are not happy.   If you can’t fix it, perhaps you should change the default to female.   Of course you’d get flooded with unhappy comments, but couldn’t be accused of gender discrimination :slight_smile:

Hi, as you are probably aware, there are still no options to choose a female face in Zwift. Any updates on when this will be fixed?