I want a female voice

Hey all,
Sorry for my language, I am german.

I rode a women’s side yesterday and while spreading lots of RideOn Shouts I became a bit popular, because my voice is male.

All my settings are right, my avatar is female…

Honestly I have this male Zwift voice since my first rides in 2019, but today’s womans day reminds me of my chromosomes…

How can I change the male voice to female?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think there’s any way, but it’s a good reminder that Zwift could be a bit more inclusive in places.

It would make sense for the voice lines to match the selected gender of the rider (I’m toast, hammer time, ride on). (Apparently this already happens and I’ve completely missed it for 7 years! :rofl:)

(As an aside, some people will be upset that you use those voice lines at all, because they’re regarded as pointless noise. They’d probably advocate for their removal rather than being made gender-specific.)

There are female voices. I’m not sure why yours isn’t. Have you reached out to support?

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I know there are, but somehow mine is not.
It should stick to your chosen gender and the avatar. Mine both are female and always have been female.

I haven’t contacted support yet in hope for so ideas from the crowd.
Probably I already found a solution which I have to try out this afternoon.
If it fixes my issue I will report here.

10K every day? Great stuff! Have fun


Keep us posted as I’m not sure the incorrect gender voice is an issue we’ve come across previously.

Thank you Daren, never saw the point. I don’t use them during rides, but while waiting in the start pit.

I prefer sending Ride Ons during the ride so that the receiver gets those drops

I found a solution! But still cannot believe it was that easy.

Removed Zwift from my Computer, removed Companion App. Then searched for Zwift files on my Laptop and unfortunately there still were some files from my boyfriend!
Removed all and restarted the system.
Then reinstalled Zwift and the Companion App…

That was it…

Is still cannot believe that those files seemed to disturb my files. But I am no expert.


That’s something I must have missed somewhere along the way! Were they in from the start?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a female Ride On etc. though. Does it play the gender of the recipient rather than the person pressing the button?

In my opinion its the gender of the button pressing person.
Just had a try with no one around me… female voice.

Probably you aret too concentrated :wink:

As you are female and listening to your own voice line, you can’t tell whether it’s playing based on the gender of the sender or recipient, because they are both the same.

If we rode together in a meetup and you pressed the button, would I hear a female voice or a male one?

I don’t know, but after more than 7 years on Zwift I can’t bring to mind what the female voice lines sound like.

female, I’ve heard it a few times

Good question, I can’t answer that, because I can’t hear what you hear.

But if I am riding, I hear both - male and female

I heard female voices before. But the ride yesterday clearly showed me that I needed to change it.

I don’t know why I never have then.

Great solution and it makes sense that some files were lingering from a previous installation.

Every day is a learning day Daren.
Must admit though hearing a female ride on is a rarity.

I also get frightened if I suddenly hear a female Ride On. But it exists and you can hear it more often while riding with a pace partner, excuse me robopacer.