Changing gender

Unfortunately my gender setting is male and Zwift doesn’t allow to change to female. Any hints?

Gender is now locked and cannot be changed.

I didn’t even select it. It took for granted that I’m male.
You must be kidding🙄

You will have to contact Zwift Support to see if they can change it.

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You can change it on the main website but it can’t be changed in the companion app anymore. If the website doesn’t work (which really it shouldn’t, why is it locked on one but not both?) then you will have to contact support.

This was done to help stop men from joining womens only events I believe.


Thanks for the quick reply. How to contact the support? In Android App I haven’t found any support button.

Here is the link:

Just joined and have the same issue! Won’t let me pick female. How rude!! Not impressed at all. Have now emailed support.

Hi @Lorraine_Wilson

Open your profile on and change it there.


Thx Gery,it works!
As u know, is there any difference between male and female player mod?@Gerrie_Delport

@Gerrie_Delport O no ~ it doesn’t work…

after a while it turn back show im a male

I think they updated the website you have to contact Zwift.

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This link worked! Thanks!!

no it doesn’t…later in the game u still a male player