Hi, I am new here, and have set up up my profile but for some reason its got my gender down as Male and not female…how do I change this please?


Contact Zwift support as they are the only one’s that can change it.

Ok thank you. Will do.

Hi Sharon, I’ve had the same issue, but am struggling to find the zwift Cs email - would you mind sharing please?

See if these folks help.

Go to the support section of the site, go through the chat bot, then when it brings up help articles say you still need more help and it’ll eventually give you a form that you can fill to send an emall.

The Zwiftpower email is likely busy enough as it is with ZP queries. I really don’t think that encouraging people to use it for other reasons is a good idea.

Hi Anna

Try this email. They answered and very quickly, hope that helps x

You can’t directly email that address any more. At least, I couldn’t when I tried recently.

Well I did it only the other day and it worked Steve so I don’t know then.

How strange. I don’t know what’s going on with the support email then.