Is there anyone had successfully changed gender?

I had ever try to contact zwift support. I was ignored, maybe my En is lame.

now i found that unable to contact a ondesk service, only channel is send “email”.
But it notice me “Ur email could not be submitted”

Being a “Male” player in the game for a Long time,
still unable join women only race, and unable to win in sprint

Did you get the email form up ok and then it was only submitting it that got you the error?

I just submitted a totally different request to Zwift via the email form, and it seemed to work fine. Maybe just try again?

using VPN or not, i both tried. zwift website, forums visit no problem at all

i won’t take it serious, jst saying.

Have you tried a different device? Phone/laptop etc?

Yes, tried cellphone which using different internet connect service, the same result:“Your email could not be submitted.” Browsing is OK.

Thanks 4 helping Steve :crossed_fingers:t3:,
I figured out a way, :sweat_smile:
woule u pls jst send “email” for me? It is simple, i jst want to query zwift how to change gender now.
My account email is email address removed userID is 753146

That is why I mostly enter mixed races. At least I know I’m racing men.