Zwift Play + Wattbike incompatibility - why?

The Deda Elementi Piega handlebars arrived today. They looked to have a classic curve on the pictures, but when they arrived they have a similar shape to the original bars.

I found that the bars and shifters were poorly set up out of the factory with the shifters set up too low.

I’m pretty happy with the fit now.

I adjusted the bars level and the shifters with a slight rise as I have on my normal bike.

While taping the bars, I applied a small strip of gym flooring mat cut to size under the bar tape where the bottom of the controller sits. Applying this under the bar tape stops the controllers from rocking when pressing the buttons.

The controllers slightly impede the bottom shifter buttons, but not in a way that is uncomfortable or makes them unusable to me.

Also note, the clamp diameter on the Wattbike is 26mm.

Thanks for reporting on your experience swapping the stock Wattbike handlebar for a Deda Elementi Piega bar. Were there any complications re-installing the Wattbike shifters, or was it straightforward?

Thanks for calling this out. Most modern road bikes use a handlebar with 31.8mm diameter where it attaches to the stem. 26.0 mm was one of several standards for road bike bars in the late 1970’s - late 1990’s, so bars made to this diameter are not as common any more.

The process is time consuming but not overly difficult.

You first have to remove the cover that holds the bar assembly down.

1x 6mm hex at the front (from underneath)
2x 5mm hex at the rear (from underneath)

You also have to remove and reinstall the TT bars.

The handlebar is held in a block that needs removing. From memory I think they’re 3mm hex bolts.

4x on top
2x on the bottom

To be honest, the shape of the bars is so similar that I reckon you could make the same work with the stock bars.

I think the two main points are:

  • Moving the shifters up as mine were too low
  • Putting a shim behind the controller at the bottom

The most difficult job was removing the bar tape! It’s very well adhered!

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The normal wattbike bars will support it, they just need to be rolled into a better position as they seem to set them up at an odd angle coming out of the factory and the shifters\hoods then moved to a slightly higher position.
Its not perfect, but it will do for 90% users at a guess.

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I’ve just had my first ride and I’d say without any hex bolts out or adjusting the handlebars, they are good enough addition. Obviously they don’t fit perfectly and I am worried the Wattbike hoods will ride up mid-ride but so far so good. Too be honest at £99 worth the imperfections but not sure at £149 they would be, probably a tipping point but at least Zwift are still innovating.

Hi - can you use the Zwift Play controllers to change gear? My Wattbike Atom has intermittent issues with gear changes on Zwift - it’s really disruptive and I’m keen to know if these could help mitigate……

Hi @Andrew_Brockway

The Play controllers can control virtual gear shifts on the Zwift Hub trainer only at this time.

Play will not control shifting on other trainers such as your Wattbike.

No their is no connection between the controllers and the Atom…

Thank you for letting me know!

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