Zwift Play steering left at all times

I did stage 3 of the rolling stages series earlier and got kicked out once or twice to the right of the pack, haven’t seen that in a while

Zwift dispatched new controllers to me as it was a “controller issue”…

Started my ride today and pinned to the left hand side of the road again.

They were fine earlier in the week, pinned to the left today, disconnect the controllers and no longer pinned to the left.

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Hi, in the past couple of rides, while also Zwift play is connected, my avatar is stuck on the center line making it impossible to draft.

If I try to steer it, it does it but then move back to the center Yesterday it happened immediately at start, today after a drop and then new link of Zwift play. Unlinking Zwift play doesn’t solve the issue.

It happened running Zwift on a IMac notebook

Any idea?



@James_Zwift I don’t see this issue being addressed in update 1.49. You had originally thought update 1.44 would fix it? What’s the status here?

Still getting the issue here as well. I tried again post 1.49 update with a Robopacer pre Race and saw the same issue so had to disconnect Play as didn’t want it to effect the race, as it has previously. Come on Zwift this one’s been a while now, with a few updates, and whilst I know its technically still in Beta it doesn’t feel like a lot’s going on here to recognise the issue or fix?

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Updated to latest firmware last night, hoping that I’d missed something due to not doing this, but post the upgrade still getting the same issue

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Same problem here, running latest firmware: all is fine and suddenly the avatar goes to the right and stays there, the only way to solve the issue is to turn the controller off, I have had it happen on both sides multiple times, super annoying! today it started happening as soon as I turned on the controllers

small update: support told me how to calibrate the controller, that seems to have helped for now👍

Updates to 1.50 and still having issues :disappointed:

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Hi, @ndrmini what were the calibration instructions, would like to try to see if it helps with my similar issue, thanks

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Thanks @Paul_Southworth. I did a quick calibration earlier, and test, and that seemed to better but will test for longer, maybe in a race if I’m feeling brave enough later :slight_smile:

So looks like a recalibration has resolved the issue, yay :grin:. It was a 30min issue free rde with race but no problems swinging left or right, thanks all that suggested that :heart:

Broken for me with PC and current firmware

Did the calibration trick and worked, for one day… today same issue (avatar stuck to the left), tried the calibration with of the left Zwift play and the calibrations is no longer working. Tried the hard reset but nothing. I’m e quoting for return them

Calibrating the controllers no longer solves the problem now, mostly continiously steering to the right :laughing:

small update: I tried the controllers again today, the steering to the right was fixed after calibrating the controllers,(this weekend it wouldn’t work) during the watopia group ride earlyer today the right controller suddenly started to brake on its own, kicking me out of my group, the only fix was to turn the controller off.

my guess is that moisture somehow makes it way into the controllers, there is water coming out the bottom opening of the controllers when i shake them.
When the controllers start to steer/brake on their own I’m usually soaking in sweat

the last 2 weeks I was never able to do a full ride without the controllers acting up

Is there any update on this?

Zwift ‘support’ have now run out of ideas & keep asking me to wait for further instructions to fix this. Its been going on since July\August? Surely just a regular cadence of updates would be appropriate rather than zero support?

personally I am 100% certain it’s a moisture issue (at least in my case)

during my last rides I just put the controllers (powered up and connected) on a shelve next to me and they keep working perfectly as long as they don’t get wet from sweat, I only use them for “ride on bombs” and navigating menu’s

as soon as I put them on my handlebars they start steering or braking on their own after 20 minutes of enduring sweat

no software or firmware update is going to stop the pcb’s inside from getting wet, for steering during races they are pretty much useless

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I am also having this issue, starting yesterday Thursday 23rd November 2023. I only have the controllers since the end of September. I also think they are no longer charging past 96%… Not good.
From reading the above I have gave them a good clean/dry but the issue continues - still have the left hand side lean issue.

I also completed the calibration steps. I am able to calibrate the right hand controller but unable to calibrate the left hand side controller. Looks like she is partially dead.
I have raised a ticket with zwift support outlining this as well as not going above 96% charge.

UPDATE: I think I have temporarily fixed my steering issue. What I did was slightly pull out the left hand side orange steering controller (upwards). When I mean slightly pulled out I mean by a few mm. You will hear the controller create a small “pop” sound - kind of like them coming away from where they were correctly or incorrectly attached.
At this point you will see that the button is sitting slightly higher. I then popped it back into where I think it should sit. I ran a calibration and the left hand side paddle when pressed to the left vibrated as normal.

I then jumped on zwift and I was able to turn left and right with no automatic turn to the left.

I am hoping this will fix the issue long term but I am not hopeful.

For my charging issue, I will let percentage drop a bit more and see do they recharge.