Zwift Play steering left at all times

I did stage 3 of the rolling stages series earlier and got kicked out once or twice to the right of the pack, haven’t seen that in a while

Zwift dispatched new controllers to me as it was a “controller issue”…

Started my ride today and pinned to the left hand side of the road again.

They were fine earlier in the week, pinned to the left today, disconnect the controllers and no longer pinned to the left.

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Hi, in the past couple of rides, while also Zwift play is connected, my avatar is stuck on the center line making it impossible to draft.

If I try to steer it, it does it but then move back to the center Yesterday it happened immediately at start, today after a drop and then new link of Zwift play. Unlinking Zwift play doesn’t solve the issue.

It happened running Zwift on a IMac notebook

Any idea?



@James_Zwift I don’t see this issue being addressed in update 1.49. You had originally thought update 1.44 would fix it? What’s the status here?

Still getting the issue here as well. I tried again post 1.49 update with a Robopacer pre Race and saw the same issue so had to disconnect Play as didn’t want it to effect the race, as it has previously. Come on Zwift this one’s been a while now, with a few updates, and whilst I know its technically still in Beta it doesn’t feel like a lot’s going on here to recognise the issue or fix?