Zwift Play steering left at all times

Just adding to this as still an issue. Every time I enable zwift play I’m pinned to the left hand side and can’t steer away from it.

When using Play steering device I get pinned to the left hand side of the road permanently- not just when using a power up.

The other buttons on the left hand device work for menu choice, but the steering and braking fail to work. Right hand shifter all buttons work.

This happens all of the time…

Is this a known issue? A fault with the devices? A pairing issue?

Cheers - that suggests it was fixed in 1.44.

I’m guessing it wasn’t fixed. Yay.

You’ll see quite a few people have reported it though, so it’s not just you. Zwift seem to be aware of the problem.

You could try this - Calibrating Your Zwift Play


Kind of annoying… Anyway to disconnect the steering from the menu controls?

I did that and it is not the calibration. I also disconnected the left controller alone thinking that it was due to a bug in the controller but that didn’t change anything. I also disconnected all steering and my avatar stayed in the left gutter. I exited the game and paired through the computer rather than companion app. Same thing happened. I love the function of the controllers but this bug makes it unusable for races or group rides which is pretty annoying. I hope a bug fix will come in soon

Think it’s been about 3 weeks now steering has been out of use due to this bug.

Is there an update on it, apart from it was fixed in 1.44?

I just got to experience this bug… The transition from a Laptop PC using Play over to Apple TV seems to be causing it for me. I switch back to the PC and it goes away. I hope this gets remedied soon.

Also, running current hardware and software versions across all devices.

Same here - Avatar is pulling to the left. Happens on all courses. I play on a PC.

Yes, today my left steering was going from not working at all when I pressed it to always going left even when I wasn’t pressing it. This was on Tempus Fugit. Another rider was “all left” at same time. We had both updated our firmware before riding as well.

I was the other rider. Any resolution update on this issue? I am updated/calibrated/etc.



I had hope the firmware update from last week would work and 2 days ago, everything seemed ok. Unfortunately, this morning I still had the bug. Very annoying that this is still happening. I recognize we are in Beta but I hope this bug gets found soon

Yep, zwift play was working fine then the steering bug struck going up the NYC KOM last night steering me over to the left, repaired the controller tonight and the left controller will not steer or brake, with the avatar auto steering in to left, been fine till the latest zwift update

I have the same problems. It’s risky to use racing because it may help you or destroy your race.

Controllers were working fine on Tempus Fugit today until about 35 minutes in. Then went wonky for remainder of the group ride. Same thing happened to me yesterday in a race. Can Zwift Headquarters give us an update on this issue please? Why are some controllers working fine and others not? Is it dependent on what they’re connected to? For me it’s Apple TV.

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Ruined my race yesterday. Steering had been fine until the final sprint, suspect coincident with power up activation, my avatar moved to the far left, outside the pack draft and remained there.
iPad Air 2 and Play Controllers updated immediately prior to race.

35 minutes. That’s the threshold for my controllers. They are fine up until 35 minutes into the ride and then go wonky. Has happened 3x at that point now. My right controller will probably be broken soon from holding it down so long. Where’s the fix, Zwift?

I seem to have similar issues, however avatar is pulling towards the right hand side (to the middle of the road) from time to time. I have Zwift 1.48 and ZP version 1.2.0. It happened to me in two worlds - Scotland and Makuri. In Scotland I had a Group workout and it happened a lot - every 10 seconds or so. In Makuri I was riding with RP Miguel (1.8 wkg) and it happened only a few times. Here it was a much better experience. What I noticed was that if I dropped power a bit compared to the rider next to me it seemed like he pushed me towards the middle of the road (to the right) for about a meter. Did something like this happened to any of you?