Zwift Play shifting up not working

I have had zwift play for a few months now. I have used it without much trouble since now. My wife recently started zwifting too, using her bike. We use a zwift hub, which is zwift play compatible. For some reason, we cannot shift up anymore, despite the stearing and other buttons working. I must conclude that the button has a problem, is there any way to return this to get them exchanged / fixed?


Contact support. Keep talking to the robot until it lets you open a support request.

Hi @S_Hunk, Welcome to the Zwift Community Forums!

I see that you already contacted our Zwift support team to troubleshoot your specific Zwift Play issue. which we’re following up on via email.

Dear Martha

The reset resolved the problem, thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi Sebastian,

can you share, what you have done to reset? I have a similiar problem with my Play controllers, it happens mostly after doing a workout and i have to switch off and on virtual shifting to get it working again.

Thank you,


Hi @Matthias_Hivner Welcome to the forums. This is Juan, a Zwift colleague. Sorry to hear that your Zwift Play is not performing as expected. Your controller should go to sleep 3 minutes after being disconnected from the game and after 25 minutes it should fully turn off.

If that is not the case, please try gently pressing and holding the big Z button for 30 secs on the affected controllers, this should restart the unit completely. If the issue persists, a calibration could fix the connection issue. Anyhow, I encourage you to contact us at . There, we will be able to provide you a detailed guide on how to do it.