Zwift Play no/unstable Bluetooth connection

I’m running Zwift App and Companion both on Android devices:

  • Swift App on Huawei Mediapad M5
  • Swift Companion on Samsung Galaxy S10

Everything (Wahoo Kickr 1960 + Sigma HRM) works like a charm - but not the new Swift Play controllers. When I pair devices the Kickr shows up (3 devices: power sensor, controllable device and cadence sensor); the HRM shows up (one device); both Zwift Play controllers show up (two devices). But of the two controllers only one holds the connection. There is no problem with trainer or HRM. It seems the problem is with the number of connected Bluetooth devices. Is that possible? Why don’t I get an error message?

On top of that Companion does not work as BT bridge for me. What I do: start Companion (but not main Zwift app). Navigate to Zwift devices, it shows Zwift Play. Power on both controllers, they pair and appear in Companion. Firmware is actual (updated it myself).

Now I start Zwift app on the other device and log in. Companion switches to Game view. Zwift Play controllers go from solid blue to blinking (awaiting a connection). Zwift main app pairing screen appears with the problems as described above. I had expected to see a phone icon for Companion on the pairing screen, but none appears. The Companion shows a Bluetooth icon top right. If I click it it says: “Pair your devices in the game app pairing screen” (free translation, I use Zwift in German).

What am I doing wrong? Both Zwift Companion and main app have location permission and are using the same Wifi.