Zwift Play - no Fence control when leading events

For some reason the controller doesn’t work at all interacting with the fence options. Even when on/off is highlighted and flashes via a mouse input you pressing select on the Zwift play does nothing.
One of the main reason I thought these would be great was so I didn’t have to reach for the mouse when adjusting the fence during a ride lead.

Oh, and can you please make a selection to turn steering on/off mid ride but leave the rest of the controls active. Steering is a major PIA during a TTT.

Agree with both I highligthed the leader steering issue before. You can open the fence window then can’t interact with it is a bit annoying.


100% agree with you on both…we need to have steering option ON/OFF while still using other buttons.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it along to the Play team.