Zwift Play, new firmware every time

Very often I open Zwift Companion app I get a blue banner saying new firmware to Zwift Play controller.
But when connecting for update this two screen shoots show the result. same every time for a long time.

1.3.1 has been released so it should let you update to that. So clearly something is going wrong here.

I suggest contacting Zwift support so they can work through this with you.

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Now firmeware 1.3.1 :slight_smile:
The auto update service in taskbar (windows), tried to turn it off and don’t know if that was it but able to update firmware :slight_smile:

Sad thing though is that when done with my ride companionapp told me that I have new firmware to my Play controls!!!
So now same thing as abov but this time I got version 1.3.1.

Maild Zwift support, see whaat they say.

Hi @Mikael_Jonsson, I’m Norman from Zwift, thanks for sharing all of the details in this thread. I’ve passed this on to the main team. In the meantime, we’ll sure help you out once a colleague responds to your email.