Zwift play controllers+ Companion

First to buy the Zwift play controllers and I am now the owner of 2 expensive doorstops.

I use Apple TV so I have to connect through the Companion app (android).
When I do so, I lose ERG mode and heartrate.

After weeks of explaining to the helpdesk, I finally found a helping hand. Someone who didn’t think it was my fault or my play controllers were faulty.

After testing it turned out the problem consisted in the Companion app. When other apps are used while connected to the controllers they don’t work well. And that’s all apps on my phone, even background.

However, even thought we tested and continually confirmed that was the problem, no solution was offered other than “use the controllers through Apple TV an don’t use heartrate and cadence”…

Since then a few updates have passed and I have spoken to more people with the same problem. No solution is offered.

Writing my story here hoping some of you will recognise and maybe it will trigger Zwift to fix the problem.

Sorry that Zwift support has not been as helpful as you would like. I would like to help, but I want to first ensure I understand the issue you are reporting.

When you say you lose ERG mode and heartrate, do you mean that you briefly lose resistance and/or Heart Rate data? As in, it can start out working but then at some point stops working? Or do you mean that you are unable to get expected resistance in ERG mode at all (never works with this setup) and no Heart Rate information is ever displayed (or the device cannot be connected)?

When you speak of using the Android Zwift Companion (ZC) app, you mention backgrounding. So are you saying that you normally start ZC, connect devices, and then switch to a different app on your phone? For example, maybe a music app or streaming video? Would you please just walk us through the usage step by step?

I realize this is asking a lot, but I’m not sure I can help if I don’t have a clear picture of the problem. Maybe others will more readily identify the issue.

Hi Mike,

Everything connects automatically. Shows Jo problems.

I start a workout and then there’s nog ERG, even though it says it’s connected.
It shows no heartrate and when I try to reconnect, it can’t find my heartrate band (even though I was connected before)

I start companion before I start Zwift on apple tv. When everything is connected and im on my way I use a music app.

I tested and started a ride instead of a workout. Everything worked fine. Went on with a workout and everything is out again.

Hope this answers your questionss.