Zwift Play and Campagnolo

I’ve heard that the new Zwift Play controller is incompatible with Campagnolo (the new £5K SR excepted…).

This seems pretty incredible - surely the device has been designed to be compatible with all three major groupset manufacturers?

You may be able to mount them a little low. The thumb shifter is close to the intended mounting point for the controllers, but it might be OK.

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Having looked at a bunch of pictures of the system I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with Campagnolo EPS (which is what I have) as long as it isn’t mounted in the highest possible position. With EPS, because it’s electronic the button doesn’t really need to move much when pressed (just a couple of mm). I imagine it might be more of a problem with mechanical Campagnolo as the button has a much larger range of movement.

It would be great to have this confirmed - as well how the system works with other Campy controllers. There are bascially four situations to consider: 1) EPS with the dropped thumb button that doesn’t really move in use, 2) traditional Campy mechanical with the higher thumb button that has a large range of movement, 3) Groups such as mechanical Potenza with a dropped thumbshifter, and 4) the new SR Wireless, which looks as if it will be fine.

i was wondering if you couldn’t just reverse mount them with the controllers on the outside of the bars. You would have to use a finger to press the buttons, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Interesting idea.

Of course what would be really useful would be zwift actually providing proper information about compatibility with widely used equipment… :wink:

I also have campa and was seriously in doubt on what to do with it.
Bought them, and tried a first ride over the weekend… works just fine. Typically, you have 3 steps in your shifters…so far I tried shifting 2 gears down (back) or 2 steps on your front. Still to check is whether 3 steps/gears down works out Allright.


Looks like it should be fine with any Campagnolo shifters with sensible placement. The EPS button comes down a little further but doesn’t really move in use, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I wonder why Zwift say it isn’t compatible - just covering their backs in a legal sense in case someone wants their money back…?

Matijs, I wonder if you could take a side-shot picture?

Chorus, Record and SR have 5 click/step pushes with the thumb for the rear shifter.

Yup, but you don’t need to use all 5 clicks unless you want to shift 5 gears at a time, and maybe if you just put the Zwift Play a little further down on the bars you could use all 5 clicks…?

no doubt, rarely need 5 clicks, especially since I don’t have trainer difficult at 100%, there’s never too drastic of a need for large shift changes.

here you go


not always true… mine only has 3 (older version on my tacx) so don’t make ‘your reality’ everybody’s reality. A lot of issues start with making wrong assumptions :slight_smile:

Placed them just a little bit lower initially but I think I can move them still a bit up before having problems with the shifters. Last picture is when pressing completely down (so in my case 3 gears down)

Brilliant, thanks!

I’m almost certain from these pics that they’d be fine with any Campagnolo shifters. Even where there are 5 clicks rather than three, I don’t think the button moves any further down than that, and in the case of EPS the non-moving button sits higher than the lowest position of the mechanical thumb shifter.

In fact, from the final picture you would almost think that the Zwift Play devices have been designed to fit around the thumb button! So the mystery remains - why are they stated to be incompatible.??

Would someone from Zwift care to comment?

Thank you so much for your post and the photos. Zwift should send you a commission for every Zwift Play purchased by Campa users who were previously hesitant to purchase Play. Again, thank you.

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