Zwift play + sterzo

Will there be a way to pair the zwift play controller as buttons so that the sterzo can still be used. Otherwise if anyone buys a set of controllers but has a sterzo they have an expensive paperweight in the sterzo

Sell the Sterzo?

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Hi @Daniel_Wolman_LP

No you can either pair the Sterzo or the controllers.

It would be nice if Zwift made a Zwift play Light that has only the buttons for people that already have the Sterzo.

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I’ve written this earlier.

In a word no.

Steering is much better using the Play than the Rizer. Not sure how it compares to the Sterzo

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i could do, but i like being able to turn my handlebars to steer.

i know i can only pair one, hence the request. and yes or just let me have a screen that lets me choose the steering device whilst keeping the buttons active.

i dont own the play yet so cant comment if its better or worse. i like how the sterzo works though

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I think it’s something that may come in time that you can perhaps use the Play buttons whilst using an existing steering device.

Although i could also see why Zwift wouldn’t do this.

I’d say to see how you get on with the Play steering first. For me it’s so much better than the Rizer which seemed sluggish in its response and getting an accurate line was tricky.

Just curious, and not sure if it matters, are you also using an Elite trainer with the Rizer?

No. Tacx Neo.

I’m told both should be possible in the future.


Thanks for the quick clarification.

I’m sure when people use the buttons over turning the handlebars they’ll not look back.

For me turning the bars has always needed far too aggressive and unnatural angles to achieve what you want. A little click of a button gives you that fine adjustment you need.

I’d consider except for the fact that the Play is supposedly incompatible with Campagnolo thumb shifters.

Not sure why as the Play sits lower than where the thumb shifts are.

Maybe it clears, until the thumb shifter has to be thrown downward?

Been a while since i used thumb shifters but don’t think there a great deal of actual movement in the button. Should be enough to get your thumb under it and onto the Play.

There was some prior speculation of whether or not, despite the Zwift shop indicating otherwise, the Zwift Play can work with Campagnolo’s thumb shifters. I saw some creative solutions though for the Wattbike – wondering if anyone has tried successfully getting the Play to work with recent-ish Chorus, Record etc groups?

A photo with the thumb shifter depressed downward – if it helps in speculating, though ideally looking for real experience of someone having tried this out.

I think you should be okay, it would only be the A button that you’d get in the way of and it is unlikely you’d want to press that while changing gear.

this picture is from DC Rainmaker (tech reviewer god Zwift Play Controller Review: Surprisingly Useful! | DC Rainmaker)

so it looks like you’d be fine when the shifter isn’t pressed and when it is you might not be able to press A but you almost definitely wouldn’t want to at the same time.

I should point out i have never used Campagnolo shifters before so feel free to ignore me!

I guess 30-day returns so I could try. Though has anyone gone thru the return process with Zwift. I thought I’d look up the policy/procedures and it leads to bouncing across 2-3 separate links and then into a required chat with support?

Anyway, what had me concerned, vs your photo, is the product photo on the shop site. Looks like the controller is supposed to sit up quite a bit higher? Could just be camera angles. (Sorry, not sure why this all got moved to the Play/Sterzo topic)

Yeah they are intended to sit higher up, but you get to decide if you’re happy with mounting them lower. How far you can reach with your thumb is a factor - are the buttons comfortably reachable? A person with small hands might say no. The position of the steering paddles in relation to your hand as well.

Not out of the box compatible with Campagnolo?
Damn, what a poor design :thinking:

How would you design it to accommodate the thumb lever? I can’t think of an easy way to do it while keeping the buttons reachable from the lever hoods.