Zwift Play: All buttons work except steering

All buttons work on Zwift play…. Except steering. Tilt buttons were functional during the in game tutorial, and tilt in for brakes work appropriately. But tilt-out for steering does not. Current firmware on Zwift play and Zwift game and companion are up to date. Rolled back TACX firmware to eliminate competing steering signal.

I can’t access the Ply tutorial again to confirm whether the tilt buttons still work there or if I have a bad unit, but the return window is closing.

I am having exact same problem since the latest firmware update. I did not notice the issue before the firmware was updated

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Try this.

Prior to the firmware update steering left and right and braking left and right both worked. After installing the update, I only have right steering and right braking. No left steer and no left braking. I hope this can be fixed quickly.