Zwift PC Bluetooth issues

I tried to contact zwift support. No help at all. Ant+ is still terrible… I cannot connect my zwift footpod to the PC.

Zwift need to sort it’s compatibility issues with some Bluetooth drivers…

Two days ago I tried an older MacBook Pro. The same bluetooth gear that I have problems connecting with the PC work perfectly with the MacBook. I even took the laptop to another room to have a longer distance to the devices (Snap etc). The connection still worked. So, the issue cannot be in the distance between the PC and the gear. That would’ve been a surprise since the gear is just one meter away from the PC.

I can only blame Zwift and PC.

Tim: how do you know it’s a BT driver issue?

I wonder if things would work if I bought a Bluetooth USB-dongle and used that instead of the built-in BT in the PC. There are tons of those devices, so shopping one would be very difficult. How to ensure such a device solved the issues?

Because zwift works with intel bluetooth, it doesn’t seem to work with Cambridge Silicon Radio bluetooth drivers, among some others too.

Id buy an intel bluetooth device but even then I cannot guarantee it will work… zwift need to urgently sort this out as they are selling products that are incompatible with their platform.

True, Zwift sells e.g. Wahoo trainers and if they don’t work with PCs… Not good.

Interestingly, I have “Intel® Wireless Bluetooth®”. I just updated the driver and now I at least managed start Zwift and connect all the devices. This is an improvements, since during the last week or so I haven’t been able to.

But experience is not as smooth as it should/could be, as on Mac or iPad. It still takes eternity to find the power meter. I’m not sure if Z ever finds the PMs before I disconnect the Snap as power source.

I’ll try later if the game runs reliably. Now it looked like the cadence wasn’t there when the game started, but took maybe 15s to appear.

I had issues with my Ant+ Dongle after a couple of year and bought an Asus BT400 Bluetooth dongle on Amazon. I plug it and install the drivers but in Zwift I had the yellow triangle icon over the bluetooth icon. Even if Windows was able to connect to some bt devices, Zwift wasn’t able. I updated my Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 and now it works fine!!! Check for a download from the real Microsoft website though!

My problems with missing Bluetooth connection between PC and Zwift was also solved by installing C++ redistributable package. Thank you very much for bringing that solution to the table :slight_smile:

Had the same issue many described here - bluetooth under Win10 sees devices fine, but Zwift thought bluetooth was turned off. Installed all of the C++ redistributables as suggested by Dave - can now see and connect to devices in Zwift. Thanks Dave!

I’ve tried to install all the redistributables however it still shows as off in Zwift. Windows believes the bluetooth’s radio is on and discoverable. Unsure what else to try…

My log is showing this

[16:07:18] BLE : Native BLE - Bluetooth Radio NOT Found.

However I can manualy add the HR strap from windows

Appears that bluetooth dongles with CSR internals don’t work. I have tried two. The following dongle works out of the box ASUS - USBBT500

I installed “C++ redistributable”. After that I managed to get all the peripherals connected, but even in the connect screen I see occasional "No signal"s. When the game started, I only got watts, no cadence or HR.

Zwift on PC also sometimes gets unresponsive during the loading screen, or even after finishing a ride and quitting.

Lately I’ve been using a MacBook Pro from 2013 or iPad, both without problems

Thanks Dave, this fixed my problem!

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Thanks Dave, installing these packages helped me with my Thinkpad T450 running Windows 10 20H2!

Compared to using the Companion app on Android it now takes Zwift longer to find the Kickr Core, but it eventually gets connected.