Zwift on Linux on VIrtualBox


This might be a long shot, but is anyone running Zwift on Linux using a Windows VM like VirtualBox?




While I haven’t tried this, I would expect poor performance. Most VMs are optimized to have fast processor performance and aren’t optimized much for graphics. I assume it would be playable, but you would likely have low quality and refresh rate.

Thanks, Kyle. I’ll be running it on a brand new Dell M3800 workstation laptop, so I’m not concerned with horsepower. 

Running it now on a 2009 Studio XPS and it’s having some rendering issues.  


As an FYI, the Quadro K1100M is a business-oriented graphics card built for CAD. While its OpenGL performance is generally better than a typical “game” oriented video card, I do wonder what level of driver support Windows VM tends to have.

This is the most common issue with using VMWare or Parallels in OSX - the graphics drivers tend to be sub-par so if it even runs at all, the framerates get pretty choppy.

Worth a try, though! We’d love to hear if it works.

Thanks, I’ll let you know.

Better than virtualizing would be to go dual-boot if you can set your Linux machine up to do so.

I did that with Windows 8 on my MacBook Pro before the Mac version was released and it worked very well.

The trouble with dual booting or virtualizing is the infrequent use of the windows side of things.

I am 6 hours into a windows 8 “update/revert” scenario, no idea for how long more, but no zwift for me tonight.

If they had a linux version, I’d be riding now.

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I tried it with Virtual Box (Windows 7 running on Debian Linux) and the text rendering is failing. Framerate does look OK though.

There are a few errors in the log file which do not look too critical, but the app remains unusable :frowning:



VirtualBox is way too far from the metal to work. Avast! Turn back now! This time that you are bleeding will never be returned to ye!

Plan B  - instrumenting wintousb worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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