Anyone tried running Zwift in Fusion emulation?

(DB Smith (65+)) #1

My Mac installation of Zwift isn’t working properly so thought I’d try running Zwift using the Fusion installation of Win 10 running on my Mac.

Although it’s Fusion 8.1 and Win 10 – both claiming to support Open GL 3.3, the Zwift program said the video driver is only Open GL 2.1 and thus no video.

The Zwift program seemed to be running OK, just no video (which is, of course, useless).

My question: has anyone successfully run Zwift in Windows using Fusion emulation?

In anticipation of the usual questions: Yes, my Mac has WAY more than enough horsepower to run Zwift – CPU, separate video card, fast internet – everything exceeds (greatly) the Zwift recommendations.

(j m. (mgcc)) #2

How is it not working on OSX (what issues)?  I have had it running on 4 diffs macs in the house without issue.  I would look to try and run it native as I think Fusion will not handle it very well.

(j m. (mgcc)) #3

I was able to install and run on Fusion 7.1.2 running Windows 8.  It was not useable and had a warning about dropping support for the version on Open GL 2.1 but the game did load and there was video and functionality.

This was on my Macbook Pro 2013 i7 2.8.  Even if the video could render it was terrible. 

Perhaps email support and see if they can create a ticket to get you sorted on native.

(DB Smith (65+)) #4

The Mac problem was a firewall setting on the cable modem; now resolved and Mac Zwift works perfectly.

Zwift runs fine in Boot Camp (Win 10) but the Fusion install of Win 10 apparently doesn’t have recent graphics driver – Zwift says it’s Open GL 2.1 and symptoms are as JM (mccc) describes.

I wonder if that’s true about the Fusion graphics driver being so out-of-date (t’s Fusion 8.1, the latest version) but, since both Mac and Boot Camp Zwift are working fine, I’m not actively worrying about Fusion any more.

(Michael Henasey) #5

I use Fusion for some Windows development on my Mac and my experience with anything graphical has always been less than desired. I’d say skip Fusion and any VM software and just stick with either native Windows or Mac.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #6

Zwift does not run in Fusion on OS X (nor Parallels). I’ve mentioned this in several other places here, on the Zwift Facebook groups and my blog.

It also does not work in VMware Workstation Pro 12.1, Xen, VirtualBox natively on Windows, despite Valley Benchmark getting 60fps inside that same VM in OpenGL mode.

The two supported versions of OpenGL supplied and required are not compatible. 

If your goal is to run multiple copies simultaneously, you need to follow my HOWTO. I pioneered the process to get this working (minus the secret sauce to push it further).

HOWTO: Run multiple Zwift sessions on the same PC (Windows only)