Hi all,

I’ve read some posts, but I still have some doubts about what hardware to buy.

I need to run zwift ON IPADPRO and my config is the follwing:

  • Qubo Power Fluid

  • garmin gsc10 bike speed and cadence (ant+);

  • Garmin Soft Strap Premium Heart Rate (ant+);

From here

I read that my “Qubo Power Fluid” are compatible with Zwift’s Virtual Power curve, and I’ll must set as “Elite Fluid Red Roller (Triangular resistence unit)”

Real problem is that on iPad, usb ant+ dongle doesn’t work, so I need to buy specific hardware.

  1. WIRELESS KEY ANT+ (in combination with Apple Lightning Adapter 30-Pin)
  • Wahoo Key Wirelessly Connects Your iPhone to An ANT+ Sensor (69,90 €)

The second possibility is use a convertor ant to bluetooth:

  1. CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE) but It seems that actually doesn’t implement FE-C.

Is FE-C usefull in my config?

Whitch is the best solution? The first one or the second one?

Thank you very much,

Best regards,

Hi! Another great option that works really well would be the Viiiiva HRM.  It would replace your Garmin HRM and act as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge for all of your other ANT+ devices.