Newbie set-up

I’d like to avoid buying more useless gear, so if anyone could tell me exactly what I need to start using zwift, i would really appreciate it.

I have:

a cyclops fluid trainer 

power tap hub

garmin fenix 3 hr watch

zwift successfully set-up on iPad (I could use apple desktop but it’s more convenient to use iPad)

thanks for any help or suggestions

You will need an Ant+ dongle for any devices that only transmit in Ant+ (All Gamin products). You will need to get a Lightning to 30 pin adapter and a Wahoo Ant+ key to get Ant+ devices to connect to your iPad.

These links will help:

Thank you, Paul!

So where does the Ant+ dongle go, if I’m using an iPad?

That is why you would need the Lightning to 30 pin adapter (Lightning into the iPad and the Wahoo Ant+ Key into the 30 pin side). 

Link to the Wahoo Key:


Cheers, Paul!