Zwift now highlights pros

When I was logging on to ride today I notice that the professional athletes that were currently riding were highlighted in black… is this a big or a new feature

Highlighted in black where? I was passed by several pros on my ride this morning but didn’t notice anything different about them except for the orange jersey next to their name.

Looks like a new feature, good eye!

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Yeah, it just showed up for the first time today but I didn’t update the app or anything and there is no update in the App Store…

Ah, I see. They are black, instead of the normal blue, in the ‘ride with’ section of the selection page. I don’t follow any pros, so never noted this.

Also: @Mike_Rowe1 - what happened with TdZ Stage 7??? :rofl:

For me it is even the pros that I do not follow…

My Kickr Core broke and I had to send it back to Wahoo, they cross shipped me a refurbished one, but I was down an entire week so missed it.

yeah, I don’t follow any of those people, each world had highlighted pro’s listed too, so not just Watopia.

I’m sure this used to happen a year or two back, and then it went away.