Introducing Player Highlight [February 2024]

We’re introducing a new feature called Player Highlight designed to enhance your experience.

This feature highlights your avatar while riding in a pack. Sometimes it’s difficult to locate yourself in those circumstances, especially in events where everyone is wearing the same gear and riding the same event-specific bike.

The glow will smoothly fade down or up in intensity depending on the proximity of riders nearby.

Player Highlight also makes it easier to see others:

  • Event ride leaders will have a yellow glow around them
  • Your friends who follow you back, members of your team or club for example, will have a blue glow. Note: We currently limit the number of highlighted friends to 3 for the initial release.
  • The focused rider in fan view mode, such as a celebrity guest rider in large events, will have a green glow.
  • Zwifters using Android devices will see this feature in an upcoming release.

Additionally, a glow will pulse around your avatar as you approach a workout arch. The glow will match the color of the arch you are about to reach.

Q: How do I use Player Highlight?
A: Player Highlight will be enabled when the feature is available on your device. If you would like to turn off the feature, you can do so in the Settings menu.

Q: Is there a Settings option to turn off Player Highlight?
A; Yes! You can choose to enable it, or not.

Note: Player Highlight s releasing in a phased rollout this week and next via a server side setting. If you’re not seeing it on Windows / macOS / iOS / tvOS just yet - please allow a little more time.


:+1::wave: Thanks!

Can’t wait to see this in action. Is the intent to increase the number of friends highlighted in the future assuming all goes well with the initial rollout? Could be a user defined setting potentially.

Or different colors for different people…such as red for a marked rival.

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Yeah, the ability to mark whoever you want in a race would be great. Would help to identify someone who could run out on a breakaway, one who has a wattbomb of a sprint, etc.


Yep, we’re going to monitor performance results and feedback and will tweak the number of highlighted friends accordingly.


That’s great to hear. What about marking people in events? There’s no privacy concerns, Sauce can do that and more.

Player Highlight =sniping, i hope they let guys turn it off to all friends/ follower

In a real race you can keep an eye on someone you race against regularly, in Zwift it’s a big blob of riders and completely impossible to distinguish who is where. Unless you use Sauce of course, and ZHQ “loves” Sauce.

I got the “Player Highlight” yesterday. At first, I found it a little off-putting. But after a few rides with it, I almost can’t imagine riding without it. Much easier to see where I am when in those massive group rides with hundreds of riders all in the same kit. I also really like seeing the few other highlights of riders with a mutual follow.

This is a really nice enhancement! :clap:t2:


Hi folks, today we’ve increased the rollout of the Player Highlight feature to approximately 50% of all users across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Apple TV. We’re continuing to monitor performance and feedback and will increase the rollout further next week.


Just my luck, I’m on Android. The wait is on, if it ever comes.

We’re targeting rolling this feature out for Android in the next game release. Thanks for your patience!


v1.59.0 installed but no riderhighlight option showing in main settings

Activation of that feature is atill rolling out.

Thanks\ you

It would be nice if this feature would disable itself on say… the drone camera.
(or perhaps a keybind to enable / disable it)

As it can be handy, but it also “ruins” group ride pictures without first disabling it.

That’d be my only recommendation, other than saying “+1” to anyone else who said it’d be cool to “mark” anyone on any ride at any given moment so you can keep tabs on someone important.

You have any idea when this will be ? Thansk.

We’re targeting early March.

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Zwift player highlight= stream sniping in real time. we need tools to stop it.
in the next video going to talk lead into more in to blob racing.