Introducing Player Highlight [February 2024]

What do you mean by “stream sniping”?

it Best you just google it. @Arend_teRaa

Not something i’d heard of before - why do you think the highlights will make it worse? they could already see you in the nearby zwifters list

it more clear to you if rider is going , in bigger ride’s list not that great, this great game changing and not in good way.

Fast way zwift to stop it just disabled for races.

Thank you for this innovation ! I have been waiting for it since I started with Zwift. It was so boring trying to find “where you are” in large groups where everyone is wearing the same kit.

I only watched the first few minutes of your video, but I don’t think the “you’re going to wake up with 1000 followers” will be a problem, since the follower highlighting only applies if Zwifters follow each other.


Thank for point that out @Dan_Kothlow i 100% miss that part. really under line/bold. oops. i am 108 year old :stuck_out_tongue: eye read no good.

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Hallo, wer weiß wie man den Lichtschein um den Avatar ausschalten kann?

still waiting…

Will we see notification when its available? Zwift updating?

It’s a phased rollout so soon

Sauce already allows for doing the same thing and the CEO of Zwift “loves” Sauce. Zwift needs to add player highlight functionality to tag anyone in events to be consistent.

Which means I will see notifications on zwift launch… Updating?

No. The menu option will just appear. Doesn’t require an update as such.

Cool feature, it would be great if the switch is situated in the taskbar(pop up menu action bar) and not put several clicks/swipes away in the main menu

Because I could imagine that I’m in a race/ride and would put it on/off.

Thank you.

I don’t like the highlighted avatar. Looks like a cheap Atari variant from the last century.

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Switch it off.

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The highlighting is on by default, so you’ll know when you get it