Add Rider Highlight Feature to Companion App

I think it would be a great feature to add the Rider Highlight feature to the Companion App so you can turn it off and on while riding on the fly.

A great example would be while I’m racing (I’m a C) and the B class is going to lap us and the Rider Highlight feature is off I could flip it on and see which of the riders I follow will attempt to go with the B class.

There are more examples but this is just one.

100% this

Hi @George_Stacko This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for you valuable feedback. I’m sure the example you give is great! Feedback from Zwifters like you is incredibly helpful in our efforts to improve Zwift gameplay and all other aspects of the Zwifting experience for everyone in the Zwift community.

Please visit this thread. There are some of our developers, so the more attention an idea receives, the more likely it’ll get implemented into Zwift. Ride On.