Zwift not running on new phone Android 11

It will not pair with any sensor, not the trainer, not a polar heart band either.
Tried with Zwift companion on the same phone to no avail.
Gave up.

(Zwift on my Windows 10 Pc ran alrighat 27th January 2022, and not anymore as of today, Jan 31st. Had to reinstall. Shows the same failure: not connecting anymore to my trainer, nor to the polar heart band. I’ll post this somehwere else too).

So, sadly, since todat Zwift has become completely useless for me.

The Zwift app needs permission to use location on your phone/tablet but not only that, you must pick “only when the app is running” and not “always.”

This seems to resolve nearly all the issues.

Das kann ich so bestätigen.
Android 11 Probleme mit koppeln pairing mit Zwift.
Nach Ändern der Einstellung Standort auf Zugriff nur während der Nutzung der App
hat es funktioniert.

das ist großartig