Zwift Not Finding TACX Bushido - Random Issue

OK, at first I thought this was an issue with the TACX Bushido.

However, I have come to the conclusion, there is something amiss somewhere in the ZWIFT app.

Let me be clear up-front, 99% of the time, I have NO ISSUES! 

Tonight, came to do my session.  Same setup as yesterday, and TBH I have not had an issue for a while… until …

Logged on …

Everything found OK, signed up for the WBS ride and went off to do warm up.

Suddenly, no trainer. So I assumed it was because I had stopped pedaling - and the blasted Bushido stops transmitting then :slight_smile:

So, started pedaling… nothing … no trainer… my HR monitor was still being picked up - so it was not the ANT+ antenna.  Dropped out of Zwift a few times, logged back in again … still not able to find the trainer … HR monitor was fine …

OK - maybe trainer playing up …, so closed Zwift, opened TTS4 … and trainer and HR monitor found immediately… hmm, so nothing wrong with the trainer. Did a calibration test, just to be certain, and all hunky dory…

So come out of TTS4, back into Zwift …, and no trainer found …

In the end missed hooking up on WBS ride, went back into TTS4 and rode there … no glitches at all.  

I have had a few of these ANT+ dropouts, which up to now I have blamed on the TACX antenna … however, since everything working fine in TTS4, I have to assume the antenna is working fine.

I know TTS4 might use the TACX propriety rather than Open ANT+, so not ruling out some issue with the TACX antenna - however, it does appear some issue with Zwift picking up the trainer 100% of the time.

Any ideas?

The only thing I have done different today, was I fired up the Zwift app earlier in the afternoon to make some setting changes (to be ready  for the later session) and did not have any devices up and running.  

However, when I started the session later, with everything switched it, it initially found everything; then had a drop out of the trainer and could not find it again.  

I am going to reboot the laptop and see if it “corrects” itself, but I should not have to reboot the laptop to get the Zwift app to work correctly surely?



If you haven’t gone through the ANT+ signal troubleshooting steps, I’d definitely recommend starting there. Interference sources can interrupt one device’s signal without affecting another, depending on the source.

And no, rebooting your computer shouldn’t make a difference unless there’s a problem with the USB port/ANT+ driver.

Good luck!

Thanks Jason - yes, I had gone through the list.

Looks like I will need to keep an eye on this.  Trainer was picked up on my next session OK - albeit this is after laptop was rebooted.

Whilst I understand that the ANT+ channels can be subject to interference, the fact is that TTS4 picked up the trainer.  Came out of TTS4 and went back into ZWIFT,  no trainer.  On that basis, it is unlikely that the ANT+ channel was playing up.

It is possible that TTS4 does not use Open ANT+ to connect, so I will have to look out for an app that can check Open ANT+ outside of ZWIFT.   The HR monitor never gets dropped by ZWIFT - just the trainer drops every once in a while. 

Darn annoying when you in the middle of a run :slight_smile:

I had an issue a couple of days ago. All Sensors (HRM, Garmin Cadence Sensor, Trainer Power, FE-C) disappeared when riding, Stopped and went into pair, they were there. Rode again. Disappeared. Stopped and went into pair, they were there. Rode again, Disappeared. etc.

Reinstalled Zwift, and it was ok after that.