Zwift not detecting Polar Oh1 on Android

I am using zwift from my phone, Nokia sirocco

I have a polar oh1 bt hrm, yet zwift is the only app on my phone unable to detect it, even with nothing else paired zwift does not pick it up. I open strava it picks it up instantly.

Its pretty much the only metric I cannot get into Zwift, any reason why it’s the only app that won’t see the hrm?

I am pretty sure ANT+ is not yet supported in android.

That is correct, at this time Zwift does not support native ANT+ receivers on any platform. We do support ANT+ connections through ANT+ dongles on PC/MAC or through an ANT+ bridge like the NPE Cable App or 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor on our other platforms.

It is, and has been for some time. Ant+ has been on android since 2017

It’s still a BT hrm, maybe I should have left the ant bit out. Both devices support ant connection, but that’s more relevant for the watch and bike.

Gerrie and John are trying to say that although your phone has an ant+ receiver, Zwift does not support its use. So ant+ devices will not work with Zwift on your phone without the use of an ant+ to btle bridge.

Polar OH1 supports dual Bluetooth and ANT+ with the most recent update. Previously it was Bluetooth only. OP confused everyone by saying his phone is an ANT+ device. It’s actually not related to the question.


Having been using Zwift with Polar OH1 on iOS. have not had any problem with it. Now I started to use Android. I am able to detect the OH1. But after 5 min or so. It will drop out. in Zwift