Zwift Mobile Link on Windows Phone?

(Rob Humphreys 9908) #1

What are the plans for releasing the mobile app on the Windows Phone or Windows 10 universal app platform?



(Frank Goehner) #2

With the tiny market share that Windows phone has, I wouldn’t count on them making an app.  Its probably very low on there list of priorities.

(Michael Henasey) #3

I would love to see this as well.

(Joe G) #4

Windows 10 universal app…  You know how many times Microsoft has pitched this idea of one program and multiple windows devices? LOL it has always been a failure.

Universal apps run on multiple platforms like IOS, Android, UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Winx86 and Win64.  Somewhere in there I am sure some will want to support XBox and the Sony Playstation.

In reality a web app supporting WebGL( ) would run on most of those platforms with the only issue communication with the Resistance Unit, Cadence, Wheel Speed and HR monitor.

(Michael Henasey) #5

LOL and how long have we’ve been fed the delusion that the browser would be able to solve all of our problems just as well? they said the same thing about Java.

why do you hate this so much @Joe?

there are WP users out there. raising their voices and asking for a mobile app is perfectly within their rights to do so. that’s what this site is all about; a forum for the Zwift community to give _ constructive _ feedback to Zwift and a place to get help.

how does a WP mobile app adversely affect your ability to use and enjoy Zwift on your Android/Apple device?

please, it’s just a simple question and request from the original poster. why troll and spread negativity. let’s just all be positive and constructive here and help make Zwift as good as it can be.

(Frank Goehner) #6

Michael,  I might be missing something,  but no where does Joe say that he hates this idea, he is not being a troll and is not spreading negativity.  He is simply stating some facts about the issues with Windows 10 Universal.  He also gives a really good suggestion on how this can be supported using WebGL.



(Joe G) #7

No hate here.  I was a big supporter of WindowsNT when UNIX was king.  I got all kinds of similar responses that UNIX was in 99% of companies and this consumer based toy OS windows would never make it beyond the wannabe developers.  Now look how popular UNIX is for developers.  The same thing holds true for the mobile space.  Why write software for the WinX platform when there are a billion Android devices… LOL 

The browser will win.  Multiple platforms is expensive as it requires more software for the team to get compiled code to work on each target.

Java in the enterprise has worked OK, at least if you wrote a java CRM in 2000 you could still keep it running in 2015.  That cannot be said for whatever Microsoft was pushing at the time(visual basic or vb.net

The facts are the facts. 3.3% is not enough, if Microsoft bought Zwift I would guarantee it would happen. 

I have seen some ppl buy a winX product and think everything(apps) will work, not true.  Windows is for old people who refuse to learn new things or change.


(Joe G) #8

WebGL would be a win for all platforms.  I see the BLE/AND+ integration an issue though.

(Ewout Aman) #9

That would be great indeed.