Any plans for windows phone companion app?

really enjoyed my short session last night. Are there any plans for a windows phone companion app?

We don’t have any plans for Windows phones at this time, but the Android version is on the Play Store now, and the iOS version should be on the App Store soon as well. :slight_smile:

It is terrible that Microsoft has been working on tablet extensions for Windows since Windows 3.1 in the early 1990’s. I recently purchased a Windows 8,1 tablet and had to send it back, lack of RAM and the warts of windows was not good.

If I was a developer I would only target Android Tablets and iPad tablets. That accounts for 96% of the tablet market.

Thanks Jason.

+1 for Windows phone support, would be great to see this on your roadmap. Alternatively, if you wanted to open the API there would be plenty of 3rd party developers who would build this.

I would love a windows phone app also, its really starting to gain ground now so it must be about time for zwift to look at it

With Microsoft announcing their new flagship Lumia 950 phone with Windows 10 on I. It could literally destroy any phone that is out on the market now. I hope you guys reconsider creating an app for it.

Please reconsider!



It was lack of Windows Phone support that led me to go Android after nearly 4 years with my HTC HD7. Really hope more devs get behind Windows Phone though, because personally I think it’s a great platform.

Thinking about it, if the Zwift API is a RESTful HTTP one, maybe an enthusiastic amateur like myself could build something. Would just need the API docs and an access token.

I would also like to see a Windows Phone application, perhaps after the official Windows Phone 10 build and phones are released. 

The official comment is : “We don’t have any plans for Windows phones at this time,”


Why?  Android and iPhone make up 96.7% of the smart phone market.  There are over a billion Android devices to write software for.  Microsoft is now the old and moldy mainframe guys…   Like the IBM of old when they had to compete with MS-DOS and MS Windows!  The tables have turned.

nothing can show support more than posting, that’s why!  In 4 Windows Phone plz.

Windows Phone is an excellent platform. There are Zwift users who have WP. Would be nice to have this available for them. 

WP has been trying for over a decade to become a good product, in 2002 we had Windows CE and it was used on smart phones.  Blackberry came out a decimated the product, 2007 the iPhone came out and that was game over.  Between Android and IOS there are statistically NO users of any other mobile platform.  96.7% means Microsoft is trying to edge out the other 3.3% of the dead platforms still clinging to life support.

If those Android and IOS customers are 100% happy there is no way the numbers will change.  Microsoft has lost the mobile war.

In the past Microsoft has had enough monopoly power to convince we should just buy the product and hope it gets better with time and new versions.  Those days are done.  The web is still the place to focus on.

Someday you can play zwift on your WP via a web page :


thank you for the history lesson, @Joe. but the fact is that WP is a great platform, they make great devices, and there are passionate users of both WP and Zwift out there. so like I said, it would be nice to have Zwifts mobile app on WP so those users can make use of their phones with Zwift rather than buy another device. 

+1 on the request for a Windows Phone App

The sad fact is that no one cares about windows phone users. I love the platform but I am fed up by being ignored by everyone even as a premium user. We are a minority. Currently WP is dead.


Yes, now you know how we felt in the early days of OS/2 2.0 and Windows NT 3.1 :wink:

Windows NT on MIPS

Windows NT on Alpha

Windows NT on PowerPC

Amiga users(Motorola 68k)

GEM OS users(intel)

DeskViewX users(Intel)

Atari ST users Motorola 68k baby!

Apple users (Motorola 68k or PowerPC)

I love the Dec Alpha’s, 64 bit and did floating point so fast your CAD software really screamed, several times faster than current Intel chips.  But guess what, the best tech sometimes does not win.  Platform wars are won with numbers, not technology.  big companies can fumble and take a winner and make it a looser. 

+1 to have Zwift on Windows Phone.


I have a wonderful new HP Elite x3 and will never go to any other phone.

I too yearn for the day that you make available a Windows Phone App for Zwift