Using Android 8.0 phone

My Android 8.0 device is compatible with ANT+ and my smart trainer has it.  How do I use my mobile phone to play Zwift?  I cant find instructions anywhere.

Only the Zwift Mobile Link will run on Android, not the Zwift app. Zwift can run on PC, Mac, iOS, and AppleTV.

So I can ride the smart trainer with the Zwift mobile Link and have the full user experience?

No, the ZML is a companion to the Zwift app. You will need either a PC, Mac, iOS device or AppletTV to run Zwift.

Read here:

I have a Surface Laptop running Windows 10S.  This is the version of the Windows 10 OS where the apps need to be installed from the Microsoft Store for speed and security reasons.  I could not find any Zwift app or even Zwift mobile link on the Microsoft store.  I have not other devices other than the Surface laptop and Android mobile.  I do not use Apple products.   I also have an Amazon fire stick, but I could not find an app on the Amazon app store either.  

The only options at the moment are the ones I listed above.

Does kinda stink that we Android users can’t do what the apple and mac users can on our phones. I haven’t bothered to check if this is being  addressed, but I’m a noob on Zwift and am still fumbling my way around. 

I would think that not making zwift for Android they are missing a big market.

Zwift for Android is coming, but it’s not going to be as easy as a lot of people think.

It is not as easy but it not as hard either. Zwift made the app work on iphones when Apple was slowing down their phones. high end Game developers can put games in a lot of different phones. People that has money to afford a trainer and zwift new price most likely have a decent android phone.

I saw a piece during the Tour Down Under on VirtuGO which looks similar to Zwift but with a lot better graphics - a company started by Michael Rogers.  Has anyone experience with this alternative?  Maybe some competition will force Zwift to stop ignoring half of their potential customers.

I sent for Zwift because I read that it was working on high ens android devices. But no it is not available, luckely for me my work provide me with a iOS device, because I would never get one. So Zwift get in the game and make the app ready for android!