windows 10 app needed for phone and pc

with the windows 10 rollout hitting pcs and phones now ( Dec 2015), could you offer a universal app?

It’s not out of the question, but remember that iOS/Android controls about 90% of the smartphone market. Windows, I’d be surprised if that’s 1%. 

Should Zwift spend time developing an app that few will use? Would probably be cheaper for them to buy you a cheap Android phone.

hi Mark. Thanks for the honest and candid response. AND YES, windows 10 is a small base to cater to and I’m biases as an owner. But keep in mind, an app for the huge winows 10 computer base, should work on mobile as I understand the recent change MS made in app development. I can work around, but still… Thanks for conisering

Hi Ben,

Just so you know, I’m just a rider on Zwift, I don’t speak for them so didn’t want to give the impression that I do.

Looks rather an easy task to use the iOS app and port it over, using free tools provided by Microsoft.


Note that I have no programming knowledge but it looks interesting.

Instead of allways telling us how many % WP users are, would it not be more realistic to talk about how many users there are. How big is the group that is ignored ?  Is the market split up the same way everywhere in the world ? It seems to me people usually take US sales numbers and just apply them to the rest of the world.  I don’t know the answers to the questions and it is not my job to do, but I would imagine someone marketing a product world wide through the web, should know.

Most popular apps have a third party app, and somehow these are developed and updated if the api changes.  I’m sure it is not just for fun.  This is true for Strava which even has more then one third party app on Windows Store that are useful. 
You could solve this as well by releasing the API to developers that are willing to create a third party app.


Why don’t Zwift use Xamarin to create their mobile app? Then they could easy deploy app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 (UWP) by using the same code written in C#

Why hire one iOS programmer, and one Android programmer, when one C# programmer can create app to both iOS and Android, and as a bonus easy create an Win 10 app. One codebase, less maintenance, reach more users (300 mill Win 10 users, not interested???), more money to use on new functionality.


As dominant at the Windows computers are in the market, I really don’t understand why Zwift is not a UWP app in the Windows store, yet now people with iPhones and iPads get the full experience? And with the popularity of the Surfaces and their clones, and 2-in-ones, I don’t understand why the mobile link app isn’t also in the store so I can use my Windows tablets to control Zwift while its running on my desktop. I am really feeling Zwift is only for “cool” Apple people with too much money to burn.