(Jaime Salas) #1

Since I purchased my new Lumia 950XL with WP10 on it… It rocks as a phone, but is lacking the Zwift app. Any chance you guys willing to support WP… I know a handful of guys (As well myself) who kept their android phone just so they can use your app, but use their WP as their day to day phone. 


Please please please…


(yea im begging, I got no shame.)  :)

(Frank Goehner) #2

With such a tiny market share,  I can’t see them investing the time to build the app when there is only a few users who would benefit from it.

(Todd Taylor) #3

With UWP (Universal Windows Platform), the mobile app could target Windows phones and tablets, thus dramatically increasing the number of devices.

I have a 950XL and a Windows tablet and had to buy an Android device as well just so I could run the mobile app for Zwift and my Kickr.

I find it rather ironic that the Zwift application itself runs on Windows but the mobile app doesn’t.  However, I completely understand smaller companies not wanting to build Windows mobile apps since Windows 10 mobile just came out and the market share is non-existent for phones.

(Steve C) #4

What could be a possibility is a browser based version of the mobile app. With modern browser implementations it may be possible to check the local network for running instances of zwift as well as communicate with the central server. Then you could run this on any mobile device that can’t run the android or iphone apps.

(Mark Hewitt) #5

Almost nobody uses Windows Phone. It would be cheaper for Zwift to buy everyone a cheap Android phone to use rather than pay to develop a Windows phone app. 

Sorry but that’s the reality of the platform you’ve bought into.

(Claude De Vetter) #6

WOW, who are you to make such statements? I agree that the market share on WP is surely lower then 1/3 but I also think you are under-estimating the number of WP. And don’t forget that lots of people have to stick to a certain device just because their company only allows that one to connect to the company network. And then it is very simple: iOS is too expensive and Android is too vulnerable… Don’t try to bash people because they don’t have the same device as you,please.

Steve C’s idea looks very intresting. Only one app to develop and maintain, all devices supported!

(Mark Hewitt) #7

There’s no bashing, it’s simply the cold reality of the situation. 

Android and iOS have between then 96.7% market share. Catering for those two platforms is pretty much ‘job done’.


You can get an Android phone for £50 which will work fine with Zwift - you don’t have to use it for anything else. 

(Jaime Salas) #8

Mark, I have an android phone, and I don’t mind using it. I am just suggesting that they can some how either make a web app or a true app for Windows phone user, like myself. Oh one more thing… IOS and Android are great phones, but they are no where near the technology that MS has in their new Lumia 950XL.  My WP has still new HW technology and new OS.

(Kevin Parker) #9

Windows phone shares the same platform as it’s tablets now. Create an app for one and you have one for all. I for one would vote to have an app work on my WP. I have an android but it sucks. I would rather use my WP. Much nicer interface. 

BTW, how hard is it really to create an app? I mean come on. Ask the programmers. It’s not a big deal. I estimate one man week to have a WP app up and running.

(Darren Mansell) #10 seems an interesting project, initially for porting iOS apps to x86 & x64 platforms but plans to include tools to port to ARM also. 

(Jiri Kolar) #11

was forced to buy android phone because of this. . i was using Windows 7 phone and it run so well, with far weaker procesor and ram it was running smoother than most expensive android phones… but due to lack of software for applications like this or action camera i was simply forced to buy shitdroid phone :confused: