Microsoft Store

(Justin Zarb) #1

As microsoft offers a way for Windows 10 users to have applications in the Microsoft Store , which enables all the management of updates, across my devices. What is the chance of the Zwift application being hosted in the Microsoft Store so I can find it in one place and have it maintained in oneplace.

(Vincent W.) #2

So there’s no ETA but we are working on releasing Zwift for Android at some time in the near future. We’ll update everyone as soon as we have new info. :) 

(Justin Zarb) #3

Greatful for the information, my big item is more your Windows application being in the Microsoft store Vs any android development. If you can port your existing application for Windows to the Microsoft store that would be mega and extremely helpful. Thanks

(Vincent W.) #4

Ah yes, that is something I will have to bring up! No word on that either but I agree, being able to sync your updates between all your Microsoft devices is extremely convenient. Thank you again for the heads up!