Windows 10 / Xbox One - Ultimate Zwift combo?

With Microsoft moving towards a unified platform with Windows 10 across a number of devices, what is the possibility that the Xbox One becoming the ultimate Zwfit machine? Windows, USB ports (for ANT+/BTLE in future), HDMI, low cost, high performance graphics, low maintenance OS/platform. 

Not out of the question, that’s for sure. Not really on our horizon at the moment, though.

This would be awesome:

As the Xbox one is now Windows 10…Build a universal app…

Have Ant and/or bluetooth sensors working with the xbox.

Get on the Microsoft fitness side of things…get microsoft to partner with you in building there fitness platform…

you could even have a controller bike mount so split screen and play games when riding!


I’m going to +1 the possibility of Xbox One… Has it been looked into? It would be fantastic to be able to use my XB1 instead of a laptop… plus the advantage of the controller would nice… 


It shouldn’t be difficult since it is running a similar OS with standard PC components, an easy port and added to the Windows Store… 

This should be top priority!

Zwift now forces me every use to setup my laptop in a clumsy and unstable way in my livingroom while my Xbox One is already neatly and fully connected to a superior entertainment system.

Plus imagine XBOX Live integration so we can have voice and video connection with other riders.

… and Xbox Achievements! oh man… this is definitely what is needed… not to mention group rides and groups and voice chat all through the xbox… 

That would be freaking awesome!!!

This would have my support for sure! And willingness to pay more than the 10 bucks a month for access as well

I too would be very interested in an Xbox One version.  

Can’t afford a gaming rig PC, would consider buying an Xbox for Zwift alone