Windows 10 / Xbox One - Ultimate Zwift combo?

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #1

With Microsoft moving towards a unified platform with Windows 10 across a number of devices, what is the possibility that the Xbox One becoming the ultimate Zwfit machine? Windows, USB ports (for ANT+/BTLE in future), HDMI, low cost, high performance graphics, low maintenance OS/platform. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Not out of the question, that’s for sure. Not really on our horizon at the moment, though.

(Jay Rankin) #3

This would be awesome:

As the Xbox one is now Windows 10…Build a universal app…

Have Ant and/or bluetooth sensors working with the xbox.

Get on the Microsoft fitness side of things…get microsoft to partner with you in building there fitness platform…

you could even have a controller bike mount so split screen and play games when riding!


(Michael Mihelich) #4

I’m going to +1 the possibility of Xbox One… Has it been looked into? It would be fantastic to be able to use my XB1 instead of a laptop… plus the advantage of the controller would nice… 


It shouldn’t be difficult since it is running a similar OS with standard PC components, an easy port and added to the Windows Store… 

(Ivan De Paepe) #5

This should be top priority!

Zwift now forces me every use to setup my laptop in a clumsy and unstable way in my livingroom while my Xbox One is already neatly and fully connected to a superior entertainment system.

Plus imagine XBOX Live integration so we can have voice and video connection with other riders.

(Michael Mihelich) #6

… and Xbox Achievements! oh man… this is definitely what is needed… not to mention group rides and groups and voice chat all through the xbox… 

(Cerveza de Garaje) #7

That would be freaking awesome!!!

(Claes Watndal) #8

This would have my support for sure! And willingness to pay more than the 10 bucks a month for access as well

(Brian Harris) #9

I too would be very interested in an Xbox One version.  

(Phil Allen) #10

Can’t afford a gaming rig PC, would consider buying an Xbox for Zwift alone