Zwift on Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X

Hi Zwift Development team

My PC will probably be outdated soon to run Zwift. And with the new PS and Xbox launching soon I want to know if Zwift will be running on these consoles.

I prefer buying a new console instead of a new PC. As my current PC works perfectly well for my day to day work but not for Zwift.

Thanks, await your feedback.

This sounds good. The thing is… sony doesnt let you connect a bluetooth headset that isnt the original ps4 ones, so i dont see they allowing to use another bluetooth device as garmin watches or treadmills

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Depends if Sony or Microsoft add opengl to the next generation consoles and they have no real need to as its on its last legs. Plus supporting all the sensors that would need to connect etc.

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From what I have seen PlayStation 5 has the specs to run zwift and connect via bluetooth. There are a number of 3rd party apps being launched so why not zwift. It would be an amazing platform to run swift on.

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Zwift to be available on xbox?

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Is this confirmed ? And when can we expect it to be launched on the Xbox Series X. Any news on the PS5

That post was made in Feature Requests and merged into here. It’s not actually happening, unless someone from ZHQ says differently.

For the price that we pay monthly, I’m hoping that other game developers can see this as an opportunity. There’s a lot of free online games out there and I can only imagine the things that they can do with a monthly subscription.

+1 would love this since the xbox is the most powerful computing device in my house.

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Please make it happen on PS5

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Any view on this @xflintx? Be great to have an update one way or other.

From a personal standpoint, I think it would be fantastic to have more options to run Zwift. I’m not sure what is or isn’t planned for the next gen consoles in all honesty.

The good news, though, is that since we offer so many viable options for Zwift, one can pick up a relatively inexpensive device to run the game on. AppleTV or various Android tablets come to mind. Of course, that doesn’t present a nice all-in-one solution as we would have here with a console.

I’ll pass the feedback along for sure!


The new Wahoo Kickr Direct connect module would open up oportunities for a Zwift game on for example Playstation to connect to the kickr over the network instead of BT wouldn’t it?

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Yeah, Zwift on X Box n PS5. Can I have a very big gun mounted on my bike to shoot the person giving me a Sticky Draft. :thinking:

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By the way Sony made BT adapters possible to connect via USB.

Bluetooth Headsets & other devices do already run properly. I can imagine some device which is a bluetooth dongle for the PS5 able for BT and Ant+ so that everything can be paired.

And then please add Raytracing to the new and old maps with the power of the System :slight_smile:

Bump and +1 voted
Hope to see Zwift on Xbox

+1 same here.
My graphic card is not going to support Zwift anymore and I already a Xbox Series with a powerful HW to support Zwift

+1 for Xbox.

+1 for xbox series. If it is really about connectivity issues with the sensors, just let us connect the smartphone to them and still run the game on consoles…

microsoft only use direct X on their consoles, zwift would need a whole new games engine.

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