Zwift on Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X

In principle Zwift on an Xbox has the bonus of being able to run on a PC as well via the Xbox Console.
In Practice, if as Steve says above it’s Direct X only then no, as more platforms only slows development down (see also Linux) and it’s can feel slow enough at times in the last couple of years

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But how can optical Development been slow down any more? Have you seen actual vraphic engines like Unreal on any hardware (from iOS to High End)?! Everything looks nicer than Zwift.

I believe it is time to make a big change and choose one of the big gaming engines (whichs dev kits make it ultra easy to adapt to mobile as well as home systems) and maybe release Zwift for more platforms.

Yes the conversion takes a lot of ressources one time but for a plenty od years it makes it easier to imolement improvements.

For examole adding raytracing is not a big thing if your game runs already in the DirectX Universe. Just google Raytracing Examoles and Imagine Neo…


It would be great. We would have a very good experience with next gen consoles and without having to buy other devices such as an apple TV…
Please development make it happen!

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+1 on this. Would make it much easier for people to have a high quality zwift experience

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