Is it or will it be possible to run Zwift on a Playstation (in the future)?

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We currently have no plans for a console release of Zwift but it’s definitely not out of the question.

Assuming if you were to port to a console, xbox one would be easiest to do

But not sure how we’d get ant+ compatibility on consoles - a whole new set of drivers and pretty sure there isn’t anything ant+ out there at the moment.

You’d be surprised regarding the PS4…

EDIT: Note that this doesn’t mean we’ve tried it. Just that I know lots of game developers who work with both platforms.

Hi. I too would love to see a PS version and use a large tv. The PC experience is just okay without a large and expensive video card. PS could use the USB ANT+ dongle etc.  I realize you guys are busy with development and what not but kindly also consider XBox and an iPad version for viewing the vide etc. It would easier to use an in the garage or basement than setting up a large TV. However, if PlayStation or Xbox then a permanent basement is feasible.

Thanks for listening!

Chiming in to support others.  My computers are old and will not run Zwif.  t cannot justify the cost of a new computer.   The PS4 is already there and ready to go.  Please make this happen.

adding a vote for the PS4. I’m currently waivering on signing up for the paid service following the free trial as I run my largescreen through the PS4 these days and reducing the hassle of setting up my ride is high on the wish list. Would be great…

Yeah, I’d pay good money to just be able to set up right in front of my TV/PS4 (where my trainer already is) and get all the graphical/experiential benefits that they offer. I hope you’re able to consider this in the future.

I will second this. My computer and iPad are running Zwift fine but on basic graphics level. PS4 is already right beside my zwift setup in the basement. It would be very nice to use PS4 with enhanced graphics for zwift. 

Me to. Zwifting on PS4 would be great. Have no use for a new computer really, except for Zwifting.

Also adding a vote for ps4 zwift on ps vr would be awesome

PS4 or Xbox One, would be so great !!!