Zwift on gaming consols

I think zwift on Xbox, Playstation and so on would do zwift more popular. Agree?


Given I have no idea how hard it is to port the code to PS4 I agree! I wonder how much harder it would be that apple TV… I am about to upgrade to ps4pro for the living room so old ps4 is going into the pain cave… would be nice to use that as my zwifting machine instead of my work laptop. 

Gaming consoles would have the graphics power to run Zwift.

Do gaming consoles support Bluetooth or ANT+ cycling sensors?

I suspect that the Apple TVOS Zwift was facilitated by the code for the Apple iOS devices. Likewise, an XBox Zwift might be easier to adapt from Windows Zwift. What OS does the Playstation run?


Agree, that would be awesome.

But unlikely to happened as explained here: