System upgrade...Xbox?

I’ve been using my SO’s computer which she also uses from work because my Lenovo can’t cut the FPS during event starts. After seeing some updates about the new digital XBox One S, expected to go for around $200-$250, is there anyway to make Zwift work on that? Which also raises another question, could XBox handle a ANT+ via a dongle? I know it’s a stretch, it’s just significantly cheaper and potentially has less downsides than AppleTV should it work…

If there was a way of using consoles I’m sure alot of my friends and colleagues would make the jump.

I had to buy a Apple TV (4k) to enable the move onto Zwift. Many won’t spend £200 on a device just to sit in the garage (then again not many spend £700+ on a smart trainer)

I’ve thought about that but the AppleTV just has too many downsides for my to invest in one at this point.

The AppleTV along with a cheap tv was the lowest cost solution for me to get into Zwift. I didn’t have access to the Android Beta at the time. The AppleTV sits in my basement and is only used for Zwift. It was expensive for a smart device, but affordable as a Zwift platform. If I were in the same position today I would probably go with the android app and mirror to the tv. But even so, AppleTV is relatively affordable given the available platforms.

Now if Zwift were to support Xbox or Playstation, that would be a game changer for sure.

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Here in germany it’s really no problem to buy a old gaming PC with Quadcore, 8GB RAM and sufficient GPU for less than 150€.
Got my i5-3470, 8GB, AMD HD7850 2GB, 120GB SSD, Win7 licence (upgraded to Win10) for 120€
It sits in my basement just for zwifting.

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