zwift on xbox one.......

How about zwift on the xbox one?Just set up the trainer in front of tv and kinect sensor will pick up all of ones bodily movements ie,the faster you pedal the faster you go on zwift with kinect sensor tracking ones legs etc.Also if you lean left or right you turn that way on zwift.I think it will stop any kind of cheating ie putting two magnets on rear wheel etc and make the zwift experience a whole lot more equal.
Also to generate cash for zwift devs and owners one could buy zwift cash and use the zwift cash on zwift island to buy better bikes,wheels,saddles etc…so zwift will get more income from this to keep working on making the game better.
Just a thought…

Interesting thought, but I don’t see how this would be possible without being able to get the XBox to read ANT+ data. I don’t know much about XBox development but I suspect that might be difficult or impossible. Just using Kinect to track leg speed wouldn’t work, unfortunately. All you’d need to do with a standard trainer or rollers is to remove resistance or get into your easiest gear and spin for all you’re worth. You could generate some impressive leg speed, and therefore impressive speed through the Kinect, without actually having to generate much in the way of power.

Just my 0.02.

Just my 2 cents, but I don’t own an XBox and wouldn’t purchase one just for a cycling program. I would think more people would have a PC or Mac and that would open the game up to more people…

I am already using Zwift with my xbox one, kinda.

I have the HDMI from laptop going into the HDMI in of the xbox one. This then allows me to have media such as music, videos, youtube etc running in a snapped window under xbone (kinect control) to the right of the main window which contains the Zwift feed. I find its working better then having Zwift in a Window on my PC screen Heck, I can even make a handsfree skype call when using swift through the xbone. It all works rather well.

@Mark, i may have to try that

Hey guys,

my problem is, that my laptop isn’t powerful enough for Zwift. So I thought there could be a way to port it to my XBox (360)… at least the graphics part…?