Zwift - Xbox 360 - Computers

Zwift Crew,

I am currently running Zwift on my Macbook Air in my garage over wifi. Works good, but just got a larger 32" screen TV, and plan to build a more robust home training station, so I figured I might want a more graphic centric computer.

I have a older XBOX 360, does anyone know if it will run Zwift? I saw XBOX ONE can. 

And or, do people like the Alienware box or do you have any better suggestions for something like it for less $$?

Truly appreciate your feedback.

Hi Gregor,

I don’t know where you saw the Xbox One can run Zwift but they are mistaken. Zwift requires a PC, a Mac, or a newer iOS device. No game consoles are compatible.

I recently bought the Alienware alpha R2, i5 with gtx960 and it runs zwift amazingly well. Ultra graphics,1080p,minimum 60fps