Zwift performance on Intel chipset vs iPhone



Tomorrow I am getting the Tacx Neo. I have never tried Zwift, but it’s why I bought the Neo. I have a question. I have a Macbook Pro with no 3D video card, but it has an Intel Iris GPU integrated into the CPU. I also own an iPhone 6s+. Which device deliver the best graphical performance? Should I buy a Macbook to HDMI adapter or an iPhone to HDMI adapter?

Also as a second question, can I get my pulse reliably using the Apple Watch while using Zwift?



I’m  with you - my wife kicked my bike out of the computer area… so I have to setup downstairs in front of the large TV.  (nice) however no computer there.

I can use ipad, or iphone or I have to buy a cheap computer.

MY PROBLEM (what about you?) is how to interface my USB ports for speed and cadence and HR via  ipad or iphone.  My current hardware isn’t blue tooth and I don’t want to buy new.  I think that kills the ipad and iphone idea for me.

So what computer is cheap but still runs it ok?  I don’t need a monitor, just a box to output to HDMI.  I don’t care to do anything else on the computer. 

It would be cool if they could test the best deals out there and find the cheapest Zwift option.  I have a old XPS 700 that could probably run it fine, but it has 32bit win10 OS… and Zwift dropped 32 bit and is 64bit only.  So I need ot reformat the drive and install 64bit win, and HOPE the machine can run zwift?  Sounds like a lot of BS for an unknown result to me.


Hey Codrut,

Here are the min requirements for setups, I am not super smart so I will put a link here that explains it better:

That should help you determine which is best. 

Apple watch: Of course it will work. Download the app on your watch and give it a go.

More info here:

As far as the HDMI adapter goes I would buy both so you have choices. I tend to be on the road alot and having options always works for me.


I agree, if a company can have tier packages of good, better, and best for Zwift I would buy into that. Makes the whole setup easier. 

Ride On guys!

If you don’t own an iProduct and you don’t want to buy an extra computer just to run Zwift, you can do what I’ve done for the past two years to run Zwift on a PC on the 2nd floor of the house while I’m on the trainer in the basement: Get one of these things to send your graphics-card output to a remote monitor or TV over your ethernet network:

(although I’ve never dealt with; check Google for better prices)

This box also provide a connection for your USB ANT+ dongle and a USB mouse/keyboard back to the PC.