Zwift Meet up

I was on a meet up this morning. All riders were online on the side of the road, two of us were warming up and appeared on a trainer on the side of the road, then all of a sudden the group left without me! Zwift released me about a minute later, which means I got dropped from a no drop ride. Frustrating, anything I can do for this not to happen again?

Other than checking that your trainer is paired correctly (so you can see watts being produced when you pedal at the aide of the road), otherwise there’s nothing you can really do. It was probablyjust a Zwift glitch and you’ll probably be fine next time.

But what you could have done if you were immediately dropped, is to exit and come back in again. Zwift will allow late joining of a Meetup up to 30 mins after the start time, and it drops you right into the group.