Left at meetup start line

When hosting a meetup, I am always left at the start line while those I invited are able to ride with no issues. I have to re-connect my connection then do my best to bridge the other riders. What am I doing wrong?

Are you pedalling while waiting? Your trainer might be going to sleep because of lack of activity, and therefore disconnecting.

Sure am. I get on about 10 minutes before the ride and warming up the entire time. Does it matter how I’m connected to Zwift

Do you see your watts the whole time you’re warming up? Because that’s odd, it should work fine, but clearly something is wrong if it keeps happening to you.

How are you connecting? Tell us more about your setup?

direct drive kicker. Bluetooth connection from computer but I’m not certain if it’s connected by bluebooth or ANT +. Think this matters?

I do not see my watts while warming up

Sorry I should have said, you should be able to see your watts on the Zwift Companion app while warming up. Do they show zero or a changing number?

I’m not sure as my phone is usually in my kit.

Definitely worth a look if you can, because that will confirm whether your trainer connection is working properly at the warm-up.

I set up a dummy meetup for this morning and will check this out. Will also make sure I’m connected on bluetooth and not ANT + just to see if this makes a difference. I had this issue last winter as well, has to be something I’m doing wrong.

Now that I think about it, I am the only attendee on a trainer while waiting to start. Does this indicate something?

No, that’s normal. You only see your own virtual trainer.